VIU English is the place to indulge and celebrate your passion for film and TV! Bring your curiosity about why some movies stand the test of time, why some books make great movies (or not!), and how TV and film continue to shape our culture.  


VIU’s English Department is home to a rich variety of courses in film and television studies.  Our film and TV courses run in the evenings to allow for full screenings and lively discussion, and they’re accessible to students of all levels.  300-level courses are open to students with third-year standing, Love of Learning students, or with permission of the instructor.

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FALL 2018


FILM 101: Intro to Film                  Mondays 6-9pm        Prof. Paul Watkins

An introduction to the study of film as an art form and a medium of cultural communication.  Gain a basic understanding of the technical aspects of film, including cinematography, editing, mise-en-scene, and sound. Join us for films ranging from Citizen Kane(1941) to Black Panther (2018)!


ENGL 396: Literature and Film     Thursdays 6-9pm      Prof. Jay Ruzesky

Film alters, enhances, and re-envisions how a text can produce meaning. Join us to discuss literary adaptations and examine the ways that the written word and the world of film speak to each other. We’ll go beyond thinking about why “the book was better than the film” to think about how the same story told differently can inform our ideas about the world in fresh ways. 




FILM 201: Film Studies                   Mondays 6-9pm        Prof. Jay Ruzesky

Continue your study of film technique and deepen your understanding of film theory. Join us to discuss the film experience, genre studies, film histories in different countries, and narrative strategies filmmakers use.  Delve deeper into what a film “is”!


ENGL 394: Topics in TV Narrative  Wednesdays 6-9pm Prof. Lynn Wytenbroek

Are you a fan of or have you always been curious about the Dr. Whophenomenon?  This is your chance to learn more about the series and how it’s managed to grip audiences around the world since 1962.  This course will focus on the profound themes and issues faced in episodes from the so-called “new series,” developed by Russell Davies in 2005, and which ran until about 2010.  Join us to experience literary television narrative at its best.


ENGL 398: Film Studies                  Mondays 6-9pm        Prof. Paul Watkins

A study of narrative developed for film. Discussion may involve analysis of genre, plot, characters, themes, symbolism, cinematography, mise-en-scène, editing, sound, acting, and ideologies. The course may be structured as a broad survey or with a focus on a single director or theme.


Academy Awards Gala Fundraiser

Join us at the Malaspina Theatre at VIU to celebrate your love of film and the glamour of the Academy Awards!  Watch the awards live on our big screen, hosted by an MC, with prizes, trivia, and activities during the commercial breaks.  Come in all your finery for a red carpet experience and enjoy food and a cash bar throughout the festivities.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, February 24th!

Courses on Film Offered by Other Departments

SPAN 260  (3)  Evolution of Spanish Cinema - Almodovar and the Eighties

In this course students will examine Almodovar's films and his role in the transformation of Spanish cinema from the post-Franco era to the Eighties boom. Our focus will be on how the selected films reveal women's evolving role in Spanish society and their impact on the cultural landscape. (0:3:0)

Prerequisite: None.

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