We hold an annual Essay Competition, adjudicated in the spring/summer. Prizes are awarded for the best essay in the following categories:

  • English 115
  • English 125
  • English 135/Film 101
  • Second Year English Courses
  • Upper Level English Courses
  • Innovation Award in English

[Innovation Award Description: This award acknowledges innovative student projects produced for VIU English Department courses. Innovative projects demonstrate a critical intervention and/or a creative approach to communicating ideas and arguments. Nominations should indicate how and why the project makes an innovative intervention in form and/or content, practices and/or presentations].

Nominated essays in each category are vetted by our Awards Committee, and students who’ve submitted work to the competition will be e-mailed notification of their results. The winning submissions will be published on VIUSpace, and winners’ names will be listed on a poster celebrating their work.

The exceptional work of past winners can be viewed on VIUSpace.

If your essay has been nominated for submission to the Essay Competition, follow the guidelines below for submission.

English Department Essay Competition Guidelines

  1.  With your nominated essay, you will have received a form, partially completed by your English instructor. Before submitting your essay to the competition, you must complete the remaining parts of this form and attach it to your essay as a cover page. All submissions must be works written by students for VIU English courses and must be recommended to the competition by English instructors

  2. When filling out your form, make sure to include an up-to-date email address, mailing address, and phone number. Be advised that communication about the Essay Competition results will often happen in the summer months, so you should include an email address that you will check regularly, even if off campus.

  3. Submit all entries in hard copy to the mailbox of Ros Davies, Arts and Humanities Faculty Secretary, in building 340, room 227, or by e-mail: Ros.Davies@viu.ca

  4. Deadline for all submissions to the competition is the second Friday in May. Essays submitted past this date will not be included in the competition. Essays for fall, spring, and summer semesters will be accepted.

  5. Instructors may recommend a maximum of 2 submissions by a student in a given course.

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