Deborah Torkko

  • B.A. (Victoria)
  • M.A. (Simon Fraser)
  • PhD (Sunderland)
Deborah Torkko

Canadian Literature, British fiction, transcultural literatures, autobiography, biography.

Deborah Torkko teaches and researches in contemporary literature with a special emphasis on literary transculturalism in Australian, British, and Canadian literatures. She is particularly interested in writers whose works experiment with narrative strategies and who explore ideas of home and belonging. Holding a long-standing interest in auto/biography, life-writing, and the biographical novel, she is ever curious about the complex interdependent relationship that exists between writers and their writings. Believing that the humanities and the sciences offer complementary ways of looking at the world, she is, therefore, keenly interested in the relationship of literary studies with the non-literary courses her students take – business, geography, history, music, philosophy, psychology, physics, visual arts, for example. Whether teaching literature or composition, she encourages students to connect course material with their field of study and with the social, political, and moral landscape of their everyday lives. Her current project is a monograph on the fiction of Janette Turner Hospital. When not reading or writing, she can be found filling the house with clamour, practicing violin.


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