2020-21 Upper-level Rotation

Fall 2020

ENGL 300 Backgrounds to English Literature (Doughty)

ENGL 325 Topics in Environmental Literature (Wytenbroek)

ENGL 326 Topics in Globalization and Culture (Smith)

ENGL 328 Gender and Sexuality in Literature (Stephens)

ENGL 329 Topics in Children's and Young Adult Literature (Grafton)

ENGL 335 Survey of Canadian Literature (Moosa)

ENGL 348 Topics in 18th-Century Literature (Atkinson)

ENGL 390 Topics in Word and Image (Hagan)

ENGL 480 Research Methods (Lane)

Spring 2021

ENGL 314 Modern Critical Theory (Stephens)

ENGL 315 Advanced Workshop in Composition (Torkko)

ENGL 330 Topics in Speculative Narrative (Atkinson)

ENGL 332 Topics in Indigenous Literatures (Watkins)

ENGL 342 Topics in Renaissance Literature (Crover)

ENGL 350 Topics in 19th-Century Literature (Doughty )

ENGL 352 Topics in 20th- and 21st-Century Literature (Armstrong)

ENGL 396 Literature and Film (Wyntenbroek)


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