2019-20 Upper-level Rotation

Fall 2019

ENGL 304 Advanced Professional Writing (Hagan)

ENGL 312 History of Critical Theory (Thompson)

ENGL 327 Topics in International Literature (Moosa)

ENGL 329 Topics in Children's and YA Literature (TBA)

ENGL 330 Topics in Speculative Narrative (Wytenbroek)

ENGL 334 Topics in Canadian Literature (Ruzesky)

ENGL 344 Topics in Shakespeare (Lane)

ENGL 346 Topics in 17th-Century Literature (Atkinson)

ENGL 394 Topics in Television Narrative (Watkins)

Spring 2020

ENGL 310 Topics in Rhetoric (Lane)

ENGL 331 Topics in West Coast Literature  (Torkko)

ENGL 333 Topics in Post-Colonial Literature  (Smith)

ENGL 340 Topics in Medieval Literature (Masson)

ENGL 350 Topics in 19th-Century Literature (Burgoyne)

ENGL 398 Film Studies (TBA)

ENGL 408 Advanced Public Speaking (Hagan)

ENGL 480 Research Methods (Stephens)


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